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Nicky Thomson Knitted Textiles
Nicky Thomson Knitted Textiles



Since launching six years ago British ethical knitwear label Nicky Thomson has rapidly built up a reputation for her textile innovations and a commitment to fine craftsmanship.

Recognised as one of the cream of the fashion industry, she joined the glitterati in March 2010 at Buckingham Palace in recognition of their contribution to the British clothing industry and met the Queen!

“All our knits are individually finished by wonderful people with specialist skills. My collections are very wearable, on trend and will appeal to people looking for individuality,” Nicky Thomson

Commercially astute and ethically committed, her collection of designer knits and woollen accessories have been an instant hit and are now in 100 UK stockists, plus sold in America, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. The designs were launched in Japan 2010 and are now supplied to highly prestigious stores like Mitsukoshi, Hankyu and Ships.

She uses the finest natural, renewable and sustainable yarns sourced from traditional Scottish and English Mills. The collections are mainly made from a mix of lamb’s wool and angora fibres giving a feel which could easily be mistaken for cashmere.

Nicky Thomson is now also partnered with HRH Prince of Wales ‘Campaign for Wool’ which has been set up to promote the Natural, Renewable, Sustainable and Biodegradable benefits of wool and hopes that people will realise that loving wool is great.

Nicky is an innovating textile expert and is continually experimenting with yarn, stitch size, washing and hand finishing. As a young girl her love of design started with being addicted to Etch a sketch and Spiro-graph; this developed into her teens when she spent hours remodelling and hand dyeing clothing from 2nd hand shops and discovered all her school friends wanted the items she created! In time she graduated from University with a BA Hons Textile design and spent years developing her own felt making technique by hand, which has become a sought after trade secret. Inspiration is drawn from her visual fascination in nature and the natural world and her travels around the globe.

Committed to supporting British industry and talent, Nicky has developed a network of small, family run textile manufacturers all over the UK. The majority of the collection is manufactured by a small family business in the midlands. The collection of silk lace knits are created by another family run firm whose specialist methods and equipment date back hundreds of years. The hats and mitts are made by experts in Scotland.

Nicky Thomson is for people who love something special and unique, whilst also supporting British made! They are contemporary and on trend and will appeal to those who shun mass production and enjoy more individuality. All fabric waste bits are recycled for children to use in their art work.

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